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Chieh Chen

Chen Chieh was a Chinese civil servant who held different positions in the 30s of the 20th century.


  • Mr. Chen was native of Hunan. He was born in Zhejiang, China in 1885.

  • Education

    • Chen Chieh graduated from the Tokyo Imperial University. In 1907 he went to Germany and studied law and political economy in Berlin University.


    • Upon return to China in 1911, Mr. Chen joined the revolutionists and worked as a director of the commerce department of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce from 1913 to 1916.

      Since 1918 he became a member of Parliament representing Hunan. In 1917 Chen Chieh was appointed secretary to the Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture and concurrently counsellor to the Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture and to the Ministry of Finance. From 1920 till 1922 Mr. Chen served as a Superintendent of Customs of Hankow (Hankou) and concurrently Commissioner for Foreign Affairs.

      From 1924 Chen Chieh took up the post of an assistant director general of the National Conservancy Bureau at Peking. He was a manager of the Exchange Bank, Shanghai between 1927 and 1928. Since 1929 Mr. Chen held the post of a manager of Yien Yieh Commercial Bank, Shanghai. Then he served as Councillor and Shanghai Municipal Council (since April, 1935). Since December 1935 Chen Chieh worked as Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs.
    Chieh Chen
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    Born 1885
    • 1907
      Berlin University
      Berlin, Germany
    • 1913 - 1916
      director of the commerce department, Ministry of Industry and Commerce
    • 1917
      secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture
    • 1917
      counsellor, Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture
    • 1917
      counsellor, Ministry of Finance
    • 1918
      member, Parliament
      Hunan, China
    • 1920 - 1922
      Commissioner for Foreign Affairs
    • 1920 - 1922
      Superintendent, Customs
      Hankou, China
    • 1924
      assistant director general, National Conservancy Bureau
      Beijing, China
    • 1927 - 1928
      manager, Exchange Bank
      Shanghai, China
    • 1929
      manager, Yien Yieh Commercial Bank
      Shanghai, China
    • April, 1935
      Shanghai Municipal Council
      Shanghai, China
    • December, 1935
      Vice-Minister, Foreign Affairs
      Shanghai, China
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