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Fa-hsiang Sung (Fart-san T. Sung, Fartsan T. Sung)

Mr. Sung was a Chinese consular official.


  • He was born in Putien, Fukien, China in 1883.

  • Education

    • Fa-hsiang Sung studied at Guthrie High School in Putien, Fukien, China in 1896-1900. Then he attended Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio, U.S.A. (graduating with Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees) and University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. with the degree of Bachelor of Science.

      Mr. Sung returned to China in 1907, passed the imperial examination for returned students and received the degree of Chu-jen. After that he taught in the Peking Government University in 1908-1913.


    • Mr. Sung worked as a technical expert of the Ministry of Finance in 1913, Director of Soochow Mint in 1913, Inspector General of all Chinese Government Mints in 1914-1916, Director of Nanking Mint in 1917.

      He was also a Political Adviser to the President's Office in 1919, Director of Chinese Press Bureau of the Cabinet Office in Peking Government in 1920-1923, Managing Director of Sino-Scandinavian Bank in Peking in 1924-1928, Adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nanking in 1927-1928, Consul General at Sydney, Australia in 1928-1930 and Consul General at Batavia, Java since 1931.
    Fa-hsiang Sung
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    • 1896 - 1900
      Guthrie High School
      Putian, Fujian, China
    • 1908 - 1913
      Peking Government University
      Peking, China
    • 1913
      technical expert, Ministry of Finance
    • 1913
      Director, Soochow Mint
      Suzhou, China
    • 1914 - 1916
      Inspector General, Chinese Government Mints
    • 1917
      Director, Nanking Mint
    • 1919
      Political Adviser, President's Office
    • 1920 - 1923
      Director, Chinese Press Bureau of the Cabinet Office in Peking Government
      Peking, China
    • 1924 - 1928
      Managing Director, Sino-Scandinavian Bank
    • 1927 - 1928
      Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      Nanjing, China
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