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Kuan-sheng Sie (Hsieh Kuan-sheng)

Kuan-sheng Sie worked as university professor and took different high positions in Chinese government.


  • Mr. Sie was born in Chenghsien, Zhejiang, China, in 1897.

  • Education

    • Kuan-sheng Sie graduated from St. Ignace College in Shanghai, China in 1914 and in 1915 joined the Commercial Press as editor of Eastern Miscellany. There he also edited the Dictionary of Geographical Names secretary of the Universite l'Aurore in Shanghai, China in 1918, and in the meantime studied in the department of LettresDroit of the same University. While there he compiled the Nouveau Dictionnaire Francais-Chinois, a very worthy contribution to Chinese students of French. He received the degree of licencie en droit at the same school.

      He went to Paris in 1922, studied in the Universite de Paris and attended lectures in l'Ecole Libre des Sciences Politiques. Mr. Sie received the degree of docteur en droit, Universite de Paris in 1924. His thesis being "Esquisse d'une Histoire du Droit Chinois". While in Paris he was correspondent of Eastern Miscellany and Revue Bleue. He also assisted M. Cordier in revising "Histoire Generate de la Chine et de ses Relations avec les Pays Estrangers".


    • He returned to Shanghai in 1924 and was offered chairs in various universities of Shanghai, such as Fuh Tan University, etc. From 1927 to 1930 Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nanjing, China and concurrently Dean of the Law Department, National Central University, Nanjing, which latter position he resigned in 1932.

      Since 1930 Mr. Sie worked as a Secretary-General of the Judicial Yuan and concurrently Secretary in Charge of Foreign Affairs of the Central Political Council. He also sometime was an acting President of the Judicial Yuan. In October 1934, he was appointed Political Vice Minister of the Ministry of Justice, which post he soon resigned and re-joined the Judical Yuan as its Secretary-General.
    Kuan-sheng Sie
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    • 1914
      St. Ignace College
      Shanghai, China
    • 1918
      Universite l'Aurore
      Shanghai, China
    • 1922 - 1924
      Université de Paris
      Paris, France
    • 1927 - 1930
      Senior Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      Nanjing, China
    • 1927 - 1932
      Dean, Law Department, National Central University
      Nanjing, China
    • 1930
      Secretary-General, Judicial Yuan
    • 1930
      Secretary in Charge, Foreign Affairs of the Central Political Council
    • October, 1934
      Political Vice Minister, the Ministry of Justice


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    • Activities
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