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Teh-tseng Sun (Bishop Sun Teh-tseng)

Teh-tseng Sun was a Catholic preacher.


  • He was born in Peking, China in 1869.

  • Education

    • Mr. Sun studied at primary school for five years and at middle school and college for 15 years. He taught Latin at Catholic Seminary at Peiping for 12 years.


    • Teh-tseng Sun was a pastor of the Catholic Church at Niufang district near Pteiping for nearly 12 years. Then he was appointed by the Pope apostolic prefect of Lihsien in Hopei in 1924. He was also invited to Rome to receive the episcopal consecration by the Pope in 1926. Mr. Sun resumed his office at Li-hsien district after return to China, removed his residence from Li Hsien to Ankwo and remains as bishop of the same church but with the title of apostolic vicar of Ankow in 1929.
    Teh-tseng Sun
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    Born 1869


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