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Noble Jones Gregory

Noble Jones Gregory, American congressman. Club: Filson, (Louisville).


  • Gregory, Noble Jones was born on August 30, 1897 in Mayfield, Kentucky, United States. Son of William Jones and Rosa A. (Boyd) Gregory.

  • Education

    • Graduate Mayfield (Kentucky) High School, 1915. Special work in private schools and business college.


    • Hale. With 1st National Bank, Mayfield, advancing from bookkeeper to cashier, trust officer, 1917-1936. Director First National Bank, Mayfield, Kentucky & Tennessee Clay Company. Member 75th-85th Congresses, 1st Kentucky District.

      Member Ways and Means Committee of House. Subcommittee on Internal Revenue Taxation, joint commission on Internal Revenue Taxation. Member Democratic National congressional campaign committee.


    Party affiliation: Democrat


    Denomination: Presbyterian


    Club: Filson, (Louisville).


    • Married Marion Hale, June 22, 1925.
    • father: William Jones Gregory
    • mother: Rosa A. (Boyd) Gregory
    • spouse: Marion Hale
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    Born August 30, 1897
    Died September 26, 1971
    (aged 74)


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