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Wojciech Wladyslaw Gasparski

Wojciech Wladyslaw Gasparski, Polish research scientist, educator.


  • Gasparski, Wojciech Wladyslaw was born on October 10, 1936 in Warsaw, Poland. Son of Wladyslaw and Jadwiga (Sarnowska) Gasparski.

  • Education

    • Master of Science in Engineering, Technology University, Gliwice, Poland, 1959. Postgraduate, 1965—1971. Doctor of Science in Technology Science, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, 1969.

      Doctor Habilitated in Design Theory, Technology University Faculty Architecture, Warsaw, 1978.


    • Manager industry, Silesia, Poland, 1958-1962. Research fellow Institute of Industrial Organization and Economics, Warsaw, 1962-1965. Deputy director Institute of Praxiology, Polish Academy of Sciences, 1971-1973, director, 1973-1974.

      Head department praxiology Polish Academy of Sciences, 1974-1975, vice chairman department praxiology and science, 1976-1987. Professor logic of language/action department Institute Philosophy and Sociology, 1993—2005, head research group for ethics in economy and business, 1995—2005, chairman academy board, 1996—2005, professor emeritus, since 2005. Part-time professor Technology University Warsaw, 1985-2004.

      Visiting scholar Saybrook Graduate School and Research Institute, San Francisco, 1990-1991, distinguished consulting faculty, 1993-1998. Member Council of Research Institutes, 1990-2000. Chairman Science of Science Committee, 1993-2003.

      Higher education support program coordinator Batory Foundation, 1992-1994. Principal The Invisible College, Warsaw, 1995-1998. Visiting lecturer Technology University Catalunya, 1994.

      Visiting professor Warsaw School Management, 1993-2000, Cracow Academy Fine Arts, 1993, Warsaw Academy Fine Arts, 1982-1985. Faculty of philosophy visiting scholar University Helsinki, 1983, 84, 86, 89, 90, 92. Senior visiting scholar State University of New York, 1981-1982.

      Visiting scholar Open University, England, 1980, City University London, 1974, 88, 93, Academy of Sciences Moscow, 1971-1972. Director Business Ethics Center Leon Kozminski Academy Entrepreneurship and Management, since 1999. Rector Plenipotentihly Science Research, 2003-2005, vice rector research, 2005-2007.

      Participant numerous conferences.



    Member Polish Engineering Institute, Polish Cybernetics Society, Design Research Society United Kingdom (international council member 1983-1998), Society for Philosophy and Technology United States, The Learned Society Warsaw, Learned Society Praxiology (president 1990-1994, honorary president since 1994), International Federation Systems Research (Polish representative), Polish Fulbright Alumni Association, Academy Management, Society for Advancement of Science, Society for Business Ethics, International Society Business Economic and Ethics, (council round table Poland, since 2007).



    Tourism, hiking.


    • Married Renata Dabrowska, December 31, 1962. Children: Jan, Piotr.
    • father: Wladyslaw Gasparski
    • mother: Jadwiga (Sarnowska) Gasparski
    • spouse: Renata Dabrowska
    • children: Jan Gasparski
    • Piotr Gasparski
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    Born October 10, 1936
    • 1959
      Technology University
    • 1969
      Polish Academy Science
    • 1978
      Technology University Faculty Architecture
    • 1958 - 1962
      Manager, industry
    • 1962 - 1965
      research fellow, Institute of Industrial Organization and Economics
      Warsaw, North Carolina, United States
    • 1971 - 1973
      deputy director, Institute of Praxiology
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