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Jan Harasymowicz

Jan Harasymowicz, Polish mechanical and production engineer, researcher, educator. Recipient 5 awards National Education Minister, Warsaw, 1968-1991, Gratiae medal War Combatant Union, 1975.


  • Harasymowicz, Jan was born on March 18, 1921 in Krakow, Poland. Son of Jozef and Klementine (Bernacka) Harasymowicz.

  • Education

    • Master of Science, Mining Academy, Krakow, 1946. Doctor of Philosophy, Technology University, Krakow, 1962. Doctor of Science, Technology University, Krakow, 1970.

      Dr honoris causa, University of Technology and Life Sciences, Bydgoszcz, 2007.


    • Lecturer Technology University, 1955-1968, assistant professor, 1968-1976, head studies, 1968-1984, full professor, head Department of Cutting Tools, since 1976, honour professor Miskolc, Hungary, since 1990. Vice president Intervis-Science Council of Cutting Tools, Warsaw, Poland, 1985-1991. Professor Institute of Metal Cutting Industrial Centre, Krakow, 1985-1991.

      Consultant Committee of Science and Technology, Warsaw, 1985-1991. Representative Poland Fast Research Study The Future of Industry in Europe, Berlin, 1991-1995. President science council Research-Development Center Ponar-Tarnow, 1998.


    • Author 14 books. Author, editor: Design Based Cutting Tools Together with Production Engineering, I volunteer, 1980, II volunteer, 1985, III volunteer, 1989, Design and Exploitation of Tools, 1990, Extreme Finishing, 1994. Contributor 198 papers and articles to professional publications.


    Denomination: Roman Catholic


    Member War Combatant Union, Warsaw and Krakow, 1962, province vice president, Krakow, 1970-1986, member of honor, Bruxel, Belgium, 1976. With infantry Polish Army, 1940-1944. Member LAETS, Polish Association Mechanical Engineers (province president Bydgoszcz 1950-1955, province vice president Krakow 1970-1980), Trybology Association, Polish Science Academy (Personal Area Networks Production Engirng. section Warsaw since 1968), Academy Engineering in Poland.



    Gardening, care of flowers, classical music.


    • Married Halina Belza, March 12, 1944.
    • father: Jozef Harasymowicz
    • mother: Klementine (Bernacka) Harasymowicz
    • spouse: Halina Belza
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    Born March 18, 1921
    • 1946
      Mining Academy
    • 1962
      Technology University
    • 1970
      Technology University
    • 2007
      University of Technology and Life Sciences
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