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John Chandler

John Chandler was an American politician and soldier of Maine. The political career of Chandler, a Democratic-Republican, was interspersed with his involvement in the state militia during both the American Revolutionary War and War of 1812.


  • Chandler was born in Epping, New Hampshire, the brother of Thomas Chandler. His father was a captain in the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War, and had died in 1776. He enlisted in the Continental Army at age 15.

  • Education

    • John Chandler was self-educated.


    • After the end of the war, he settled on a farm near Monmouth, Maine, then a part of Massachusetts. At the time, Chandler was both illiterate and without money. However, he had become the protégé of General Henry Dearborn, the future Secretary of War. Chandler borrowed $400 from the Dearborns and bought 200 acres (0.8 km²) of land. He became wealthy as a blacksmith.

      He was also a founder of Monmouth Academy.

    Major achievements

    • Served with Continental Army in 1777 - 1780,

      Participated in Battle of Saratoga,

      Chandler was the first president of the Maine senate and a member of the Maine Constitutional Convention

      Chandler was the chairman of the Committee on Militia during the 18th through 20th Congresses and played a key role in establishing the arsenal at Augusta




    John Chandler
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    Born February 1, 1762
    Died September 25, 1841
    (aged 79)
    • 1803 - 1805
      Massachusetts Senate
      USA. Massachusetts
    • March 4, 1805 - March 3, 1809
      Republican member, United States House of Representatives
    • 1809 - 1812
      Sheriff, Kennebec County
      USA. Massachusetts (now Maine)
    • 1812 - 1815
      commander of a brigade of United States Volunteers, later brigadier general, the United States Army
    • 1819
      Member, Massachusetts General Court
      USA. Massachusetts
    • June 14, 1820
      Member from Maine, the United States Senate
    • 1821 - 1838
      trustee, Bowdoin College
      Bowdoin, Maine, United States
    • 1829 - 1837
      United States collector of customs District of Portland and Falmouth


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