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William Julian Albert

William Julian Albert was an American politician and businessman.


  • William Julian Albert served as a Republican Congressman in the Forty-third Congress (March 4, 1873-March 3, 1875). He was also a successful businessman, was engaged in the hardware business until 1855 and, later, in banking: was one of the founders and directors of the First National Bank of Maryland; was director of several insurance companies, savings banks, and manufacturing companies.

Major achievements

  • Albert assisted in establishing the ‘Soldiers’ Home’ and an Asylum for orphans and took a leading part in the foundation of the society for the moral and educational improvement of the blacks after the abolition of slavery. He also helped establish a school for ‘black’ teachers in Baltimore


Party affiliation: Republican Party


Denomination: Episcopalian


  • Wife: Emily Jones Albert
    She and Willian Julian Albert married on May 15, 1838
  • Son: Jacob Albert
  • Daughter: Rebecca Albert
William Albert
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Died March 29, 1879
(aged 62)
  • 1833
    St. Mary's College Maryland
  • 1838 - 1855
    mercantile business
  • 1856 - 1862
    Director, Baltimore and Cuba Smelting and Mining Company
    Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  • March 4, 1873 - March 3, 1875
    Congressman, United States Congress
    Capitol Hill, D.C., Washington


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