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Håkan Sören Thure Mellstedt

Håkan Sören Thure Mellstedt, Swedish oncologist, hematologist, academic administrator. Recipient Alfaferone prize Institute Immunologico Italiano, Rome, 1989; grantee Swedish Cancer Society, since 1987, J. Waldenstrom award, 2001.


  • Mellstedt, Håkan Sören Thure was born on October 23, 1942 in Lund, Sweden. Son of Ture and Stina (Carlstedt) Mellstedt.

  • Education

    • Doctor of Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, 1969. Doctor of Philosophy, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, 1974.


    • Assistant professor medicine Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, 1975-1986, associate professor, 1986-1996. Senior assistant physician Serafimer Hospital, 1978-1980. Head internal medicine, department oncology Karolinska Hospital and Institute, 1980-1985, head biotherapy and lymphoma unit, 1985-1996, deputy director, 1986-1996.

      Professor experimental oncology and head physician University Uppsala and Academy Hospital, Sweden, 1996-1999. Managing director Cancer Center Karolinska, Karolinska Institute/Hospital, since 1999. Professor oncology Biotherapy, Karolinska Institute, since 1999.

      Science advisor Centoccor, Malvern, United States of America, 1988-2000, E. Merck GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany, 1990-1994, Pasteur-Merieux Serum and Vaccines, Lyon, France, 1996-2004, Pharmacia AB, Stockholm, 1992-2000, Cell Research Corporation, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1994-2000, BioInvent AB, Lund, Sweden, 1995-2005, Glaxo-Wellcome, Ltd., London, 1995-2000, GemVax, Oslo, since 2002, Affibody AB, Stockholm, since 2001, Wilex GmbH, Munich, since 2005, Amgen Europe, Zurich, since 2005. Chairman clinical trial advisory board Oxgiene Inc., Boston, since 1998.

    Major achievements

    • Achievements include characterization of clonal tumor cells in myeloma. Identification of a specific T cell tumor response in myeloma. Development of treatment regimen with a-interferon of multiple myeloma, of a therapeutic concept of monoclonal antibodies and cytokines in colorectal carcinoma, and of a tumor vaccine in colorectal carcinoma based on anti-idiotypic antibodies and cloned antigens.

      Analysis, in humans, in combination with General Motors-Cerebrospinal fluid, of induction of a humoral and cellular idiotypic cascade after treatment with monoclonal antibodies.


    Member Swedish Cancer Society (science committee), European Society Medical Oncology (chairman national representative 2003-2005, president-elect 2004-2005, president since 2006), Swedish Society Oncology (chairman 1993-2000), Society Biological Ther.


    • Married Eva Bengtsson, May 21, 1966.
    • father: Ture Mellstedt
    • mother: Stina (Carlstedt) Mellstedt
    • spouse: Eva Bengtsson
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    Born October 23, 1942
    (age 74)
    • 1969
      Karolinska Institute
    • 1974
      Karolinska Institute
    • 1975 - 1986
      Assistant, professor medicine Karolinska Institute
      Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
    • 1978 - 1980
      senior, assistant physician Serafimer Hospital
    • 1980 - 1985
      head, internal medicine
    • 1996 - 1999
      professor, experimental oncology and head physician University Uppsala and Academy Hospital
    • 1999
      managing director, Cancer Center Karolinska
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