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Teng-hui Li (T. H. Lee)

Teng-hui Li was a Chinese university president.


  • Mr. Li was native of Fukien and born in 1872.

  • Education

    • Teng-hui Li received his early education in Java and at the age of 14 began his English education in the Anglo-Chinese School in Singapore. Then he went to America and studied at Ohio Wesleyan University in 1891-1897.

      Mr. Li graduated from Yale University in 1899, returned to the Straits Settlements and taught in the Anglo-Chinese School in 1899-1901.


    • Teng-hui Li went to Batavia and founded an English school at Batavia in connection with Kang Yu-wei's reform movement, came to Shanghai in 1905 and promoted the World Chinese Students' Federation of which he was chairman until 1915. He helped found Fuh Tan University of which he was first dean. Mr. Li later became president, editor of the Republican Advocate, Shanghai, and editor of the English department of the Chung Hwa Book Company in 1912-1913, honorary member, Chung Hwa Guild of Batavia (1906), fellow of the American Geographical Society (1915), honorary president of the Huai River Conservancy (1922), honorary Litt.D., St. John's University, Shanghai (1919).

      He took an active part in the Student Movement in 1918, was a chairman of the League of Public Organizations to protest against the treaty affecting Chinese rights and oppose China's signature to the Peace Conference at Versailles. During the Washington Conference he was chairman of the People's National Diplomatic Federation representing 180 organizations all over China, chairman of Overseas Chinese Association, vice-chairman inWorld Chinese Students Federation, director in Pan-Pacific Union, director in Christian Educational Association of China, director of Amoy University, chairman of National Anti-Opium Association, member of National Government Opium-Suppression Commission and member of Diplomatic Commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    Teng-hui Li
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    Born 1872
    • 1891 - 1897
      Ohio Wesleyan University
      Delaware, Ohio, United States
    • 1899 - 1901
      Anglo-Chinese School
    • 1899
      Yale University
      New Haven, Connecticut, United States
    • 1905 - 1915
      chairman, World Chinese Students' Federation
    • 1912 - 1913
      editor, English department of the Chung Hwa Book Company
    • 1922
      honorary president, Huai River Conservancy