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Tsung-yang Lin (Lim C. E.)

Tsung-yang Lin was a Chinese hygienist and bacteriologist.


  • Mr. Lin was native of Fukien and born in Penang, Straits Settlements, China in 1891.

  • Education

    • Tsung-yang Lin matriculated at the University of London in 1911, after which he was awarded the King's scholarship tenable for 5 years at Hongkong University, which conferred upon him the Bachelor of Medicine, and Bachelor of Science degrees in 1916. Mr. Lin took postgraduate studies at the Hongkong Government Bacteriological Institute in 1917.


    • Tsung-yang Lin was elected as chairman of the University Union. Then he was appointed house-physician and housesurgeon to the Government Civil Hospital in Hong kong in 1916, resident medical officer of the model Peking Central Hospital in 1918.

      Mr. Lin was awarded a Rockefeller fellowship from 1919-1922 for special study on preparation of the vaccines and serums used in the treatment and prevention of diseases in leading American and European institutions, was assistant professor of bacteriology at the Peking Union Medical College and concurrently technical supervisor at the national epidemic prevention bureau in 1927, acting director of the national epidemic prevention bureau in 1929, professor of bacteriology and head of the Department of Bacteriology and Immunology at the P.U.M.C. since 1930.

      He was an editor of the Hongkong University Magazine in 1914, manager of the Chinese Students Monthly in the U.S.A. in 1921 and managing editor of the National Medical Journal of China in 1928-1931, editor of the Chinese Medical Journal since 1932, president of the Chinese Medical Association in 1934-1936, writer on public health and immunology and author of "Laboratory Manual in Bacteriology".
    Tsung-yang Lin
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    • 1911
      University of London
      London, United Kingdom
    • 1914
      editor, "Hongkong University Magazine"
      Hong Kong
    • 1916
      Hongkong University
    • 1916
      house-physician, housesurgeon, Government Civil Hospital
      Hong Kong
    • 1917
      Hongkong Government Bacteriological Institute
      Hong Kong
    • 1918
      resident medical officer, Peking Central Hospital
      Peking, China
    • 1921
      manager, "Chinese Students Monthly"
    • 1927
      technical supervisor, national epidemic prevention bureau
    • 1928 - 1931
      managing editor, "National Medical Journal"
    • 1929
      acting director, national epidemic prevention bureau
    • 1930
      professor of bacteriology, head, Department of Bacteriology and Immunology at the P.U.M.C.
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