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Zuhayr Mikdashi

Zuhayr Mikdashi, business and economics educator, writer. Research fellow Harvard University Center International Affairs, Resources for Future, Japan's Institute Developing Economies.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Oxford University. Postgrad. diploma, Stanford University Graduate School Business Administration.


  • Professor Graduate School Business Administration and Economics University Lausanne, Switzerland, since 1976. Visiting professor Graduate School Business Administration Indiana University. Organizer international symposia for business public leaders.


  • Author: Transnational Oil: Issues, Policies and Perspectives, 1986. Co-author, editor: International Banking: Innovations and New Policies, 1988, Bankers' and Public Authorities' Management of Risks, 1990, Financial Strategies and Public Policies, 1992. Co-author, editor: Financial Intermediation in the 21st Century, 2001.
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  • 1976
    Professor, Graduate School Business Administration and Economics University Lausanne