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Jonkheer John Loudon

Jonkheer John Loudon was a Dutch top diplomat and politician who was Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs during the First World War.


  • Loudon, Jonkheer John was born on March 18, 1866 in The Hague, Holland. Son of Jonkheer J. Loudon (former governor-general of the Netherland Indies) and L. (de Stuers) L.

  • Education

    • Educated University of Leyden.


    • His careful policies, aimed to keep the Netherlands strictly neutral during the war, eventually lead to conflicts with the Queen.The cabinet however was on his side.


    Jonkheer John Loudon
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    Died November 11, 1955
    (aged 89)
    • 1890
      Leyden University
    • 1901 - 1913
      Washington, Tokyo, Paris, London, Peking
    • September, 1913 - September, 1918
      Minister of Foreign Affairs, the cabinet of Cort van der Linden


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