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Frederick LUNDIN

Frederick Lundin was a U.S. Representative from Illinois and a Republican Party political boss in Chicago.


  • Born in Sweden, Lundin immigrated to the United States and settled in Chicago, Illinois during 1880

  • Education

    • After completing his academic studies, he served as president of Lundin & Co., manufacturing chemists.


    • Lundin served as a member of the Illinois State Senate from 1894–1898. He was later selected to serve as an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention from Illinois in 1904. In 1908 Lundin was elected as a Republican Congressman to the 61st United States Congress from Illinois' 7th congressional district, a Chicago seat. He was a one-term congressman from March 4, 1909 until March 4, 1911 and was defeated for reelection in 1910. He resumed manufacturing interests and became involved as a Republican party political boss in Chicago.


    Party affiliation: Republican Party

    Frederick LUNDIN
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    Born May 18, 1868
    Died August 20, 1947
    (aged 79)
    • 1894
      president, Lundin & Company
    • 1894 - 1898
      member, Illinoise State senate
      Illinoise, USA
    • 1909 - 1911
      Congressman, The United States Congress
      Washington DC


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    • Career
      • Lundin & Co.
      • the State senate
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