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l-minq Lin

He was a Chinese engineer.


  • l-minq Lin was born at SunWui, Kwangtung, China in 1896.

  • Education

    • Mr. Lin received his early education at the Canton Christian College (now Lingnan University) and Tangshan Engineering College. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Purdue University in U.S.A. in 1921. He toured Europe and America and studied city planning at Harvard University in 1927-1928.


    • l-minq Lin was a commissioner of the public works department of the Canton Municipality in 1923-1927, director of the Nanking City Planning Bureau in 1928 and under his direction, the proposed plan of the Capital was made. Late in 1929 he was appointed engineer-in-chief of the Hulutao port. He served at various times as judge of the competitive drawings of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Auditorium at Canton.

      Mr. Lin was a member of the Sun Yat-sen Tomb and Park Commission, member of the National Highway Planning Commission of the Ministry of Railways, member of the technical commission of the National Capital Reconstruction Commission, president of the EuroAmerican Returned Students Association in Canton in 1924-1927, president of the Y.M.C.A. in Canton in 1926, director of the Canton Y.M.C.A. in 1926 and director of Lingnan University.
    l-minq Lin
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    • 1921
      Purdue University
      West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
    • 1923 - 1927
      commissioner of the public works department, Canton Municipality
      Canton, Guangdong, China
    • 1924 - 1927
      president, EuroAmerican Returned Students Association
      Canton, Guangdong, China
    • 1926
      president, Young Men's Christian Association
    • 1927 - 1928
      Harvard University
      Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
    • 1928
      director, Nanking City Planning Bureau
      Nanjing, Fujian, China
    • 1929
      engineer-in-chief, Hulutao port
      Huludao, China