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Paul Hindemith

Paul Hindemith, musician, composer. member German Academy.


  • Hindemith, Paul was born on November 16, 1895 in Hanau, Germany.

  • Education

    • Student violin and viola Hoch Konservatory, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


    • Composer works for ballet, piano, opera orchs. Made numerous recs.

    Major achievements

    • Hindemith's many compositions reveal a remarkable versatility. The earlier works, composed mainly for chamber groups, reflect the anti-Romantic tendencies characteristic of German creative work after World War I, but the harsh dissonances and vague tonalities of this music were considerably modified in later works as the composer's style matured. In 1927 Hindemith began to experiment successfully in writing so-called Gebrauchsmusik ("music for use") for school and home; among his compositions of this type an operetta, Hier und zurückzuruck (1927) (There and Back), is frequently performed in the United States.


    • Mathis der Maler (1934)


    Member German Academy.
    Paul Hindemith
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    Born November 16, 1895
    Died December 28, 1963
    (aged 68)

    Official Titles


    Alina Shevko

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    Darya Ya

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    • Works
      • Mathis der Maler (1934)
      • Mathis der Maler (1934)
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      • Mathis der Maler (1934)
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