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Tsi-yuan Lin (Lam Chi-hoon)

Tsi-yuan Lin was a Chinese businessman.


  • Mr. Lin was born in Chung Shan, Kwangtung, China in 1868.

  • Education

    • Tsi-yuan Lin received his early education in the schools of his native town and specialized in English.


    • Mr. Lin went to Japan and set up an import and export business at Yokohama in 1886 and stayed there until 1908, when he went to Hongkong and opened the Wai Mei Hong import firm dealing in European dried goods and sundries. In 1914 he was appointed manager for the Sincere Company branch store in Kobe and remained in this position until 1925 when he went to Tientsin and founded the Chung Yuen Co., the first modern department store in North China, and became general manager.
    Tsi-yuan Lin
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    • 1925
      manager, Wai Mei Hong import firm