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Tung-hai Lin (Jefferson D. H. Lamb)

Tung-hai Lin was a Chinese government official.


  • He was born in Canton, China in 1894.

  • Education

    • Tung-hai Lin educated in Canada and the United States. He graduated from Phillips, Vanderbilt, Yale and Lanier Universities with the Degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Doctor of Pilosophy and Juris Doctor.


    • Tung-hai Lin was a member of the Kuomintang, director of the Publicity Department of the Kuomintang in New York. After his return to China, he was first engaged in teaching and was professor in various universities, such as Nanking, Wu-Han and Yenching.

      He was an author of "The Development of Workmen's Compensation Legislation in the United States and Canada", "The Development of the Agrarian Movement and Agrarian Legislation in China" and "The Development of the Labor Movement and Labor Legislation in China", member of the Treaty Commission and later Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, adviser to the Ministry of Industries in 1933, member of the Special Mission to Sinkiang and Russia in 1933, counsellor of the Special Mission to Tibet for offering Sacrifices to the late Dalai Lama in 1934.


    Tung-hai Lin
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    • 1933
      adviser, Ministry of Industries
    • 1934
      counsellor of the Special Mission