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Dennis Sven Nordin

Dennis Sven Nordin was American sales executive. Named Outstanding Faculty Member Kappa Alpha Epsilon, 1979; recipient Book award United States Information Agency, 1979. Active Democratic Party, 1972-1988; campaign manager Senator Claiborne Pell, 1972; campaign fundraiser George McGovern, 1972; coach EOS Basket, Lund, 1989-1992. Member Southern History Association.


  • Nordin, Dennis Sven was born on September 2, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Arrived in Sweden, 1989. Son of Sven Verner and Mimi Lisbeth (Persson) Nordin.

  • Education

    • Bachelor, Lincoln Memorial University, 1964. Master of Arts, Mississippi State University, 1965. Doctor of Philosophy, Mississippi State University, 1969.


    • Assistant professor Georgia Southwestern College, Americus, 1967-1968, Chicago State University, 1968-1971, Bryant College, Smithfield, 1971-1975. Extension faculty Göteborgs (Sweden) University, 1975-1978. Assistant professor Livingston University, 1978-1979.

      Central and nordic sales manager Dataproducts, Woodland Hills & Dublin, 1979-1985, 91-99. With Computer Dataco, Kansas City, 1985-1989. Guest lecturer universities at Lulea, Umea, Goteborg, 1974, Lund, 1976, Helsinki, 1997, Århus, 1998, Oslo, 1998.


    God seeks to transform relationship with and between people. If politics is about how we choose to live together and to treat one another, there is surely a place for discerning the activity of God in politics.


    Salvation can be achieved through deep and sincere believe in God.

    Denomination: Baptist


    It is important to experience of God's grace working in the lives of people. Wisdom and maturity are gained from life experience, especially during the prayer and sharing stories with other Christians.


    Active Democratic Party, 1972-1988. Campaign manager Senator Claiborne Pell, 1972. Campaign fundraiser George McGovern, 1972.

    Coach EOS Basket, Lund, 1989-1992. Member Southern History Association.



    Travel, classical music, sports, biographies.


    • Married Marilyn Elaine Johnson, June 22, 1963 (divorced 1967). Married Gun Margareta Hellstadius, May 12, 1978. Children: Peter, Patrik.
    • father: Sven Verner Nordin
    • mother: Mimi Lisbeth (Persson) Nordin
    • spouses: Marilyn Elaine Johnson
    • Gun Margareta Hellstadius
    • children: Peter Nordin
    • Patrik Nordin
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    Born September 2, 1942
    (age 75)
    • 1964
      Lincoln Memorial University
    • 1965
      Mississippi State University
    • 1969
      Mississippi State University
    • 1967 - 1968
      Assistant, professor Georgia Southwestern College
      Americus, Georgia, United States
    • 1968 - 1971
      Assistant, professor Georgia Southwestern College
    • 1971 - 1975
      Assistant, professor Georgia Southwestern College
      Smithfield, Rhode Island, United States
    • 1975 - 1978
      extension faculty G+
    • 1978 - 1979
      assistant, professor Livingston University
    • 1979 - 1985
      central and nordic sales manager, Dataproducts
    • 1985 - 1989
      with Computer Dataco
      Kansas City, Missouri, United States
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