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James Henry Maclafferty

a Representative from California


  • Born in San Diego, California, he moved with his parents to Oakland, California, in 1874, to Eugene, Oregon, in 1880, to Astoria, Oregon, in 1883, and to Tacoma, Washington, in 1884.

    He died in Oakland, California, June 9, 1937, and the remains were cremated.

  • Education

    • He attended the public schools.

      He entered the lumber business in Tacoma and continued the same in Seattle until 1889.


    • He was engaged in the wholesale paper business at Chicago in 1899;

      returned to the Pacific coast in 1900 and settled in Oakland, California, where he worked as a traveling salesman and in the paper business;

      elected as a Republican to the Sixty-seventh Congress to fill the vacancy caused by the death of John A. Elston;

      reelected to the Sixty-eighth Congress and served from November 7, 1922, to March 3, 1925;

      unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1924 to the Sixty-ninth Congress;

      assistant to Secretary of Commerce from March 24, 1925, until August 31, 1927;

      resumed business activities in Oakland, Calif.;

      served as vice president of the Pacific American Steamship Association and of the Shipowners’ Association of the Pacific Coast.


    Party affiliation: Republican Party


    • Republican Party , the United States of America
      1922 - 1925


    James Henry Maclafferty
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    Born February 27, 1871
    Died June 9, 1937
    (aged 66)
    • 1889
      lumber business
    • 1880
      public school in Eugene, Oregon
    • 1883
      public school in Astoria, Oregon
    • 1884
      public school in Tacoma, Washington
    • 1899
      Johann Wolfgang Butler Paper Company
    • 1900
      traveling salesman
      California, Oakland
    • 1900
      paper business
      California, Oakland
    • November 7, 1922 - March 3, 1925
      congressman, United States Congress
      Washington D.C.
    • March 24, 1925 - August, 1927
      assistant to Secretary of Commerce, United States Congress
      Washington D.C.
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