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Chen-hou Liu

Chen-hou Liu was a Chinese army officer.


  • He was born in Chien-yang, Szechuen, China in 1885.

  • Education

    • Mr. Liu graduated from the Japanese Military Officers Academy in 1908. Then he passed the Imperial Examinations and was given the degree of Chu-Jen in 1909.


    • Chen-hou Liu worked as a chief staff officer of the Yunnan Revolutionary Army during the first Kevolution in 1911-1912, garrison commander of Chungking, Szechuen and concurrently commander of 2nd division of the Szechuen Army in 1913-1916.

      Then he joined Yunnan Revolt against Yuan Shih-kai in 1915 and was a military Governor of Szechuen in 1917-1924, full general in 1924 and Inspector-General of Szechuen Army in 1924.
    Chen-hou Liu
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    • 1908
      Japanese Military Officers Academy
    • 1911 - 1912
      hief staff officer, Yunnan Revolutionary Army
      Yunnan, China
    • 1913 - 1916
      commander, 2nd division of the Szechuen Army
      Sichuan, China
    • 1917 - 1924
      military Governor of Szechuen
      Sichuan, China
    • 1924
      Inspector-General of Szechuen Army
      Sichuan, China