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Stephen Sibley Bean

Judge Stephen Sibley Bean served nine years in public life in Woburn, Massacusetts, having been elected Mayor at the age of 29.


  • Bean graduated from Brown University where he was football co-captain and received his law degree from Northeastern University.


  • He was admitted to the Bar in 1919 and practiced law in Boston and Worchester, MA for many years; he also took graduate studies at Harvard Law School, Leland-Stanford University, University of Virginia and Gerogetown University. His writings on Labor Law are widely quoted in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Decisions, Law Journals and other publications. He volunteered in both Wworld War I and World War II, rising from Private to Lt. Colonel and was awarded seven Battle Participation Stars and a Croix de Guerre of Luxembourg. it is believed he was the only American to have participated in the Liberation of Metz on November 19, 1918 and again on November 19, 1944 for which he was twice decorated. He completed his military service as Judge of the Berlin Germany Military Government Court.


Denomination: African Gospel


  • Delta Upsilon.


  • father: George
  • mother: Maria
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Died May 12, 1976
(aged 83)
  • 1910 - 1914
    Brown University
  • 1950 - 1954
    trial examiner National Labor Relations Board
    Washington, United States


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