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Shu-chi Liu (S. T. Liu)

Shu-chi Liu was a Chinese Government official.


  • Mr. Liu was born in Puchi, Hupeh, China.

  • Education

    • Shu-chi Liu received his early education at the Government Middle School in Wuchang.

      Then in 1913 he was sent by the Hupeh Provincial Government to the United States to study. Mr. Liu attended the University of Illinois in 1913-1915, the University of Michigan, majoring in chemical engineering and received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree in 1917, Columbia University, receiving his Master of Arts degree in chemical engineering in 1918 and Doctor of Philosophy degree in chemistry in 1919.


    • Upon the outbreak of the 1911 Revolution at Wuchang, he entered Government service and was appointed chief secretary to the bureau of finance.

      Upon returning to China, Mr. Liu taught chemistry in the University of Amoy, serving as head of the department of chemistry and also dean of the College of Natural Sciences. Then he was nominated by the Board of Trustees as acting president of the University and in this capacity was responsible for the organization of the science department of the University, was a member and concurrently commissioner of education of the Hupeh Provincial Government in 1928-1929.
    Shu-chi Liu
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    • 1913 - 1915
      University of Illinois
      Illinois City, Illinois, United States
    • 1917
      University of Michigan
      Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
    • 1918 - 1919
      Columbia University
      New York, United States
    • 1928 - 1929
      commissioner of education, Hupeh Provincial Government
      Hubei, China