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Joseph Kerr


  • In 1792 Joseph Kerr moved to Ohio. In 1801 he moved to Chillicothe, O. There he farmed a tract of land which he later lost to a prior claimant.

    He moved to Tenn., engaged in farming, nr. Memphis, until 1828.

    Then he moved to La., purchased a homestead and plantation.

  • Education

    • Joseph Kerr was privately tutored.


    • In 1801 he was apptd. judge 1st Quarter Session Ct. of Adams County;

      dep. surveyor Va. mil. lands in Ohio;

      industrialist, engaged in shipping produce on Mississippi River;

      operated hotel, slaughter house, salting bus., cooperage, boat bldg. works, gen. mdse. bus.;

      supplied provisions to Army of N.W. during War of 1812;

      mem. U.S. Senate (Democrat) from Ohio, Dec. 10, 1814-15;

      propr. of an inn, Chillicothe;

      went into bankruptcy.


    Party affiliation: Democratic Republican Party

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    Died August 22, 1837
    (aged 72)
    • 1792
      clerk, judge and justice of the peace
    • 1808
      Ohio House of Representatives
    • November 30, 1812
      brigadier general
    • December 10, 1814 - March 4, 1815
      Ohio State Senate
    • December 10, 1814 - March 3, 1815
      United States Senate


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