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Chris William Warren

Chris William Warren, recording industry executive, educator, musician. Member American Society of Composers.


  • Warren, Chris William was born on April 23, 1963 in Jacksonville, Florida, United States.

  • Career

    • President, independent producer Lady Sabre Recording & Production, Inc., Delray Beach, Florida, since 1988. President Lady Sabre Public, Inc., since 1988.


    • Producer, guitarist, engineer: (album) Under A Strange Spell, 1988, Enchanted, 1990. Producer, engineer (documentary sound track for American Lung Association) A Matter Of Life & Breath, 1989, (album) Sandra Thomas Sings Folk Music, 1988, Vince Lewis/Jazz Guitarist, 1990. Producer, composer, guitarist, engineer: (album) Autumnal Ascent, 1990, Friends, 1991.

      Producer, composer, performer (album) Through Halls of Poisoned Fate, 1991.


    Member American Society of Composers.



    Painting, writing.

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    Born April 23, 1963
    (age 54)
    • 1988
      president, Lady Sabre Public
    • 1988
      Delray Beach, Florida, United States