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Kilbourne was elected as a Democratic-Republican for two terms in the United States House of Representatives, representing Ohio's fifth district from 1813 to 1817. He was also a member of the Ohio House of Representatives.


  • Kilbourne was born in New Britain, Connecticut, and moved his family to Ohio in 1803, when he founded the city of Worthington, Ohio. In 1805 he was appointed United States surveyor of public lands. During the War of 1812, Kilbourne served as colonel of a frontier regiment.

    He was the father of Byron Kilbourn, also a surveyor, who was a founder and mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  • Major achievements

    • In 1991, Worthington Kilbourne High School and Kilbourne Middle School, named after James Kilbourne, opened in the Worthington City School District.


    elected as a Democratic-Republican


    Member United States House of Representatives from Ohio, 13th-14th congresses, 1813-1817, introduced 1st Homestead Bill, 1814. Member Ohio General Assembly, 1823, 24, 38-39.
    • Ohio House of Representatives
      November 30, 1823


    • Married Lucy Fitch, November 19, 1789. Married second, Cynthia Goodale, 1808.
    • father: Josiah Kilbourne
    • mother: Anna (Neal) Kilbourne
    • spouses: Lucy Fitch
    • Cynthia Goodale
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    Died April 9, 1850
    (aged 79)
    • November 30, 1813 - November 30, 1817
      elected as a Democratic-Republican, United States House of Representatives


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