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David Halberstam

David Halberstam, American journalist, writer. Trustee The Brearley School, 1993. Member Society of America Historians.


  • Halberstam, David was born on April 10, 1934 in New York City. Son of Charles A. and Blanche (Levy) Halberstam.

  • Education

    • AB, Harvard University, 1955. Degree (honorary), City College of New York. Degree (honorary), Colby College.

      Degree (honorary), Colorado State Columbia Teachers College, New York City. Degree (honorary), Columbia College, Chicago. Degree (honorary), Dartmouth College.

      Degree (honorary), Drew University. Degree (honorary), Elizabethtown College. Degree (honorary), Ithaca College.

      Degree (honorary), Knox College. Degree (honorary), Lake Forest College. Degree (honorary), Lawrence College.

      Degree (honorary), Mercy College. Degree (honorary), University Michigan, Ann Arbor. Degree, Nazareth College, Rochester, New York.

      Degree (honorary), University New Haven. Degree (honorary), Niagara College. Degree (honorary), Tufts University.

      Degree (honorary), Tulane University. Degree (honorary), University South, Sewanee. Degree (honorary), University South Carolina, Spartanburg.

      Degree (honorary), Wesleyan University.


    • Reporter West Point Daily Times Leader, Mississippi, 1955—1956, Nashville Tennessean, 1956—1960. Member staff New York Times, 1960—1967, correspondent Democratic Republic of Congo, 1961—1962, Vietnam, 1962—1963, Vietnam, 1964—1965, Warsaw, 1965—1966. Contributing editor Harper's magazine, 1967—1971.


    • Aptitude Revisited: Rethinking Math and Science Education for America's Next Century
    • • Explains what has gone wrong with math and science education in the United States and describes the solutions that will work • Argues that the people least likely to study mathematics and science are those with the least social and economic power -- students from poverty, minority students, and young women • Includes recommendations for policy makers, administrators, teachers, parents, and students Compared with students in other countries, American students are receiving a mediocre education in mathematics and science, subjects that are vital for workers who intend to compete in the emerging international economy.
    • The Powers That Be
    • Crackling with the personalities, conflicts, and ambitions that transformed the media from something that followed the news to something that formed it, "The Powers That Be" is David Halberstam's forceful account of the rise of modern media as an instrument of political power, published here with a new introduction by the author.
    • Abnormal Child Psychology
    • Through a thoughtful and accurate balance of developmental, clinical-diagnostic, and experimental approaches to child and adolescent psychopathology, Eric Mash and David Wolfe's ABNORMAL CHILD PSYCHOLOGY remains the most authoritative, scholarly, and comprehensive book in its market.
    • Ho
    • One of the most influential leaders of the twentieth century, Ho Chi Minh was founder of the Indochina Communist Party and its successor, the Viet-Minh, and was president from 1945 to 1969 of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam).


    Trustee The Brearley School, 1993. Member Society of America Historians.


    • Married Elzbieta Tchizevska, June 13, 1965 (divorced 1977). Married Jean Sandness Butler, June 29, 1979. 1 daughter, Julia Sandness.
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    Born April 10, 1934
    Died April 23, 2007
    (aged 73)
    • 1955
      Harvard University
    • 1955 - 1956
      Reporter West Point Daily Times Leader
      Mississippi, United States
    • 1956 - 1960
      Reporter West Point Daily Times Leader
    • 1960 - 1967
      member, staff New York Times
    • 1961 - 1962
      member, staff New York Times
    • 1962 - 1963
      member, staff New York Times
    • 1964 - 1965
      member, staff New York Times
    • 1965 - 1966
      member, staff New York Times
      Warsaw, North Carolina, United States
    • 1967 - 1971
      contributing editor Harper's magazine
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