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Jacob R. Poppele

Jacob R. Poppele, American radio and television executive, broadcasting consultant.


  • Poppele, Jacob R. was born on February 4, 1898 in Newark. Son of Jacob John and Katherine (Amendt) Poppele.

  • Education

    • Student, Marconi Wireless School, New York City, 1915.


    • Station engineer, chief engineer, builder station first transmitter Station WOR, New York City, 1922-1952. Vice president in charge engineering Mutual Broadcasting System (parent company Station WOR), 1947-1952. Also board directors Mutual Broadcasting System, New York City, until 1986.

      Vice president in charge engineering General Teleradio, Inc., 1947-1952. Founder, president Tele-Measurements Electronics, 1962-1986. Vice president, treasurer Teleglobe Pay television, 1962-1986.

      Designer, director construction early television station, Washington, 1947. Radio consultant New Jersey State Police. Assisted development station synchronization for deception enemy radio ranging, World World War II.

      Member broadcast advisory committee Voice of America, director, 1953-1956. President Green Mountain Enterprises, Inc. (Vermont), Wace Broadcasting Company, Chicopee, Massachusetts.


    President Essex County chapter American Cancer Society. Director Newark council Boy Scouts American. Council Orange (New Jersey) chapter American Red Cross.

    Chairman communications section technical advisory committee New Jersey Civil Defense Served as radio operator Army Transport Service, World War I. Fellow Institute Radio Engineers, Radio Club American (David Sarnoff award 1974, President' award 1980, Allen B. DuMont award 1984). Member television Broadcasters Association (founder, director, president 1945-1951), FM Broadcasters Association (founder), National Association Radio and television Broadcasters (executive member engineering committee), American television Society, Veterinary Wireless Operators Association (president, director), Acoustical Society Motion Picture Engineers, De Forest Pioneers (pres).


    • Married Pauline Bacmeister, October 30, 1925 (deceased October 1988). Children: Lorraine Poppele Flower, June, Virginia Poppele Endres.
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    Born February 4, 1898
    Died October 7, 1986
    (aged 88)
    • 1915
      Marconi Wireless School
    • 1922 - 1952
      Station engineer
    • 1922 - 1952
      chief engineer
    • 1947 - 1952
      vice president, in charge engineering Mutual Broadcasting System (parent company Station WOR)
    • 1947 - 1952
      vice president, in charge engineering General Teleradio
    • 1962 - 1986
      vice president, Teleglobe Pay television
    • 1962 - 1986
      treasurer, Teleglobe Pay television
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