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Cronid Arkadévich Lubarsky

Cronid Arkadévich Lubarsky, Russian journalist, politician. Recipient Swiss Committee for Freedom and Democracy prize, Bern, 1976.


  • Lubarsky, Cronid Arkadévich was born on April 4, 1934 in Pskov, Russia. Son of Arkady A. and Zinaida V. (Akhochinsky) Lubarsky.

  • Education

    • Degree in Astronomy, Moscow University, 1956. DPhysics and Mathematics, Moscow University, 1966.


    • Scientific researcher Academy of Sciences, Turkmenia, Ashkhabad, Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, 1956-1963. Postgraduate Moscow University, 1963-1966. Senior researcher Institute of Science Information, Moscow, 1966-1972.

      Political prisoner Mordovia, Vladimir, Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, 1972-1977. Political emigre, editor-in-chief Bulletin Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics News Brief, Our Country and the World, Munich, Germany, 1978-1992. 1st deputy, editor-in-chief New Times, Moscow, since 1993.

      Editor-in-chief Russian Bulletin on Human Rights, since 1993. Vice president Moscow branch All-Union Association Astronomers and Geodesists, 1969-1972. Board directors International Sakharov Hearings, Lisbon, Portugal, 1981-1983.

      President Moscow Helsinki Group, since 1993.


    • Author: Essays on Astrobiology, 1964, Christianity and Atheism, 1982, Tragedy of Chernobyl, 1991. Editor-in-chief (bulletin) Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics News Brief, 1978-1991, (yearbook) List of Political Prisoners in Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, 1978-1992, Our Country and the World, 1984-1992.


    Chief manager Fund for Help to Political Prisoners, Moscow, 1977. Member International Helsinki Association, Vienna, since 1980. Member Constitutional Assembly, Moscow, 1993.

    Member Commission of Law Projects by President by Russia, Moscow, 1993. Member Commission on Citizenship by President of Russia, Moscow, since 1994. Member Council of Public Chamber by President of Russia, Moscow, 1994-1995.

    Member Memorial (History and Humanitarian Society).


    • Married Alexandra G. Voronkova, 1954 (divorced 1959). 1 child, Helena; married Galina I. Salova, August 5, 1960. 1 child, Veronica.
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    Born April 4, 1934
    • 1956
      Moscow University
    • 1966
      Moscow University
    • 1956 - 1963
      Science researcher, Academy of Sciences
      Ashkhabad, Ahal, Turkmenistan
    • 1963 - 1966
      postgraduate Moscow University
    • 1966 - 1972
      senior, researcher Institute Science Information
      Moscow, Idaho, United States
    • 1972 - 1977
      political prisoner Mordovia
      Vladimir, Russian Federation
    • 1978 - 1992
      political emigre
      Munich, Bayern, Germany, Germany
    • 1993
      1st deputy
      Moscow, Idaho, United States
    • 1993
      editor-in-chief Russian Bulletin on Human Rights
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