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Hugo John Smelter Young

Hugo John Smelter YOUNG, British journalist. Awards Columnist of the Year 1985.


  • Young, Hugo John was born on October 13, 1938 in Sheffield, England. Son of Gerard Francis and Diana Graham Young.

  • Education

    • Master of Arts, Jurisprudence, Balliol College, Oxford, 1961. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Sheffield University, 1993.


    • Fellow, United States Congress 1964. Chief Leader Writer, The Sunday Times 1966-1977, Political. Deputy Editor 1981-1984.

      Political columnist. The Guardian since 1984. Director, The Tablet since 1985. Chairman, The Scott Trust since 1989.

      British Press; Minister 1982, But, Chancellor 1984, The Thatcher Phenomenon 1986, The Crossman Affair 1974, One of Us 1989.


    • One of Us: A Biography of Margaret Thatcher
    • Triumphant saviour of a disintegrating Britain or wilful destroyer of the nation's fabric? A biography of Margaret Thatcher, revised and updated to cover the latest events, includes her early Grantham years and her father's influence up to her present position in the lead up to the next election.


    • Fellow, United States Congress


    • Married 1st Helen Mason in 1966 (died in 1989), one son three daughter. Married 2nd Lucy Waring in 1990.
    • father: Gerard Young
    • mother: Diana Young
    • spouses: Helen Mason
    • Lucy Waring
    Hugo Young
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    Born October 13, 1938
    Died September 22, 2003
    (aged 64)
    • 1961
      Balliol College, Oxford
    • 1993
      Sheffield University
    • 1965 - 1984
      London, Mpumalanga, South Africa
    • 1984 - 2003
      political columnist, The Guardian
    • 1989 - 2003
      chairman, Scott Trust



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      • Fellow, United States Congress
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