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Alonzo Nute

Alonzo Nute was a US Representative from New Hampshire. Member staffs of generals Griffin and Rush Hawkins; member N.H. Ho; member United States Ho.


  • Nute, Alonzo was born on February 12, 1826 in Milton, New Hampshire, United States.

  • Education

    • He attended common school in New Hampshire.


    • He moved to Natick, Massachusetts in 1842 but returned to New Hampshire in 1848 and engaged in the manufacture of boots and shoes in Farmington. In the spring of 1861, he entered the Union Army in the Sixth Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War.

      He was elected as a Republican to the Fifty-first Congress (March 4, 1889-March 3, 1891) but was not a candidate for renomination in 1890.




    Member staffs of generals Griffin and Rush Hawkins. Member N.H. Ho; member United States Ho.
    Alonzo Nute
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    Born February 12, 1826
    Died December 24, 1892
    (aged 66)
    • 1861
      infantryman, Union Army
    • November, 1866
      member, New Hampshire House of Representatives
    • November, 1867
      New Hampshire Senate
    • November, 1876
      delegate, Republican National Convention


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