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Thomas Andrew Osborn

The sixth Governor of Kansas and diplomat.


  • As a young man, he was apprenticed as a printer

    In 1856 he began to study law under a Meadville judge and was admitted to the Michigan bar in 1857.


  • In November of 1857, Osborn moved to Lawrence, Kansas where he became a compositor for the Herald of Freedom. The following year, Osborn was practicing law in Elwood, Kansas and was known to be a Republican and Free-State supporter. He was elected to the state senate in December, 1859. He became president of the senate in 1961 and presided over impeachment proceedings of the governor. Osborn was appointed U. S. Marshall and held that post from 1865 to 1867. Elected in 1872, and reelected in 1874, he was Governor of Kansas from 1873 to 1877.Osborn was Minister to Chili from 1877 to 1881 and Minister to Brazil from 1881 to 1885.


Party affiliation: Republican Party


Denomination: Methodist


  • Republican Party (United States) , United States


  • Wife: Julia Delahey
Thomas Andrew Osborn
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Died February 4, 1898
(aged 61)
  • 1865 - 1867
    United States Marshall, United States Marshals Service
  • 1873 - 1877
    Governor of Kansas, United States Federal Government
  • 1877 - 1881
    Minister, United State Embassy in Chili
  • 1881 - 1885
    Minister, United State Embassy in Brasil


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    • United States Federal government
    • United States Federal Government
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