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Bruce Nicol Bensley. Sr.

Bruce Nicol Bensley, Sr., American investment counselor. Member St. Andrews Society.; Club: Stock Exchange Luncheon, Morris Country Golf.


  • Sr., Bruce Nicol Bensley, was born on July 11, 1929 in Summit, New Jersey, United States. Son of Maynard Gilmore and Muriel (Nicol) B.

  • Education

    • Master of Business Administration, New York University, 1955.

      Portfolio manager Cyrus J. Lawrence, Morgan Grenfell, Incorporated, New York York City, 1956-1965, associate director, since 1978. Manager investment management Estabrook and Company, New York City, 1965-1967. Vice president Goldman Sachs, New York City, 1968-1977.

      Principal McCowan Associates, New York City, 1977-1978. Director Morris Savings Bank, Morristown, New Jersey President central Atlantic area national council Young Men’s Christian Association, 1965-1968. President Morristown Young Men’s Christian Association, 1961-1965.

      Trustee Hobart and William Simith Colleges, Geneva, New York, since 1978. Senior warden Grace Episcopal Church, Madison, New Jersey Served with United States Army, 1951.


    • Manager investment management Estabrook and Company, New York City, 1965-1967.


    Member St. Andrews Society. Club: Stock Exchange Luncheon, Morris Country Golf.



    Sailing, golf.


    • Married Joan Rippel, July 20, 1951 (deceased 1975).; married Diane Wickstrom, July 12, 1975. Children: Lisbeth Richards Bensley Pino, Bruce Nicol Junior.
    • father: Maynard Gilmore B.
    • mother: Muriel (Nicol) B.
    • spouses: Joan Rippel
    • Diane Wickstrom
    • children: Lisbeth Richards Bensley Pino Senior
    • Bruce Nicol Junior Senior
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