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Edward Franklin Ripley

Edward Franklin Ripley, American investment company executive. Fellow Finance Analysts Federation; member Philadelphia Securities Association, Mayflower Society, Society Colonial Wars, Military Order Foreign Wars.


  • Ripley, Edward Franklin was born on June 26, 1927 in Cohasset, Massachusetts, United States. Son of Sheldon Nichols Ripley and Marguerite (Albertson) Giles.

  • Education

    • Bachelor, Lafayette College, 1950. Master of Arts, Columbia University, 1953. Certified School of Banking of South, Louisiana State University, 1961.


    • Senior investment officer Manufacturers Hanover Bank, New York City, 1953-1957, Virginia National Bank, Norfolk, 1957-1961. Vice president Studley, Shupert & Company, Philadelphia, 1961-1969. President Resource Management Group, Philadelphia, 1969-1972.

      Vice president First Pennsylvania Bank, Philadelphia, 1972-1979. Adjunct professor Philadelphia College Textiles and Science, 1979-1991. Vice president Gruntal & Company/E.W. Smith, Philadelphia, 1979-1982, Legg, Mason, Wood, Walker, Inc., Philadelphia, 1982-1991.

      Vice president Walnut Asset Management Inc., Philadelphia, since 1991. Consultant Educator Mutual Life Insurance Company, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, since 1972, Cigna Corporation, Philadelphia, 1980-1982, Oppenheimer Capital Corporation, New York City, 1981, Meridian bank corporation, Reading, Pennsylvania, 1984-1985. Vestryman, St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, 1980.

      Treasurer Voyage House, Philadelphia, 1983. Board directors All Saints Hospital and Springfield Retirement Home, Philadelphia, Planned Parenthood of Pennsylvania. Convener, Eastern Pennsylvania Episcopalian Synod of America.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Fellow Finance Analysts Federation. Member Philadelphia Securities Association, Mayflower Society, Society Colonial Wars, Military Order Foreign Wars.



    Tennis; tree farming.


    • Married Elizabeth Robertson Tucker, December 19, 1964. Children: Peter Hobart, Elizabeth Stockton.
    • father: Sheldon Nichols Ripley Giles
    • mother: Marguerite (Albertson) Giles
    • spouse: Elizabeth Robertson Tucker
    • children: Peter Hobart Ripley
    • Elizabeth Stockton Ripley
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