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Rudolf Eidenschink

Rudolf Eidenschink, German chemist, entrepreneur. Recipient Fredericks medal, Moscow, 2006. Member of Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, Bunsen-Gesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie.


  • Eidenschink, Rudolf was born on June 12, 1938 in Landshut, Germany. Son of Franz Xaver and Charlotte (Breitschuh) Eidenschink.

  • Education

    • Doctor, University Münster, 1973.


    • Apprentice technical Krupp-Kohlechemie, Wanne-Eickel, 1954—1959. Chemical engineer General Electric Company, Belecke, 1962—1968. Postdoctoral fellow University Sussex, 1974—1975.

      Researcher Merck, Darmstadt, 1975—1987. Director, owner Nematel, Mainz, since 1987.

    Major achievements

    • Achievements include first to 3+2 cycloaddition reaction forming cyclopentanes. Discovery of nematogenic compounds. Discovery of hydrodynamic lifting force in bearings lubricated with isotropic mesogenic oils.

      Generalization of ordering phenomena by the variational principle of maximum flow energy, to correlate chemical structure with clearing points of nematics. Synthesis of first mesogenic compound of tetrahedral symmetry. Development of bistable displays on the basis of a combination of silica nanoparticles and nematics.


    • Contributor scientific papers public to professional journal.


    Member of Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, Bunsen-Gesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie.



    Sports, classical music, history.


    • Married Hildegard Tröster, July 17, 1964 (deceased). 1 child Christian Oliver.
    • father: Franz Xaver Eidenschink
    • mother: Charlotte (Breitschuh) Eidenschink
    • spouse: Hildegard Tru00f6ster
    • child: Christian Oliver Eidenschink
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    Born June 12, 1938
    • 1973
      University Münster
    • 1954 - 1959
      Apprentice technical Krupp-Kohlechemie
      Wanne-eickel, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
    • 1962 - 1968
      chemical engineer, General Electric Company
      Belecke, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
    • 1974 - 1975
      postdoctoral fellow, University Sussex
    • 1975 - 1987
      researcher, Merck
      Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany, Hessen, Germany, Germany
    • 1987
      Mainz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany