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Charles Alden Learned

Charles Alden Learned, brokerage house executive. Recipient Merit award Administrative Management Society, 1971, Diamond Merit award, 1974; certified administrative manager Member Administrative Management Society (chapter president 1970-1972, director education division on international board directors 1972-1974), Wichita Indiana Business Association, Chamber of C. Mason (Shriner), Moose (life).


  • Learned, Charles Alden was born on September 14, 1933 in Stafford, Kansas, United States. Son of Wilmer Harrison and Vivian Edith (Hendershot) Learned.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Science, Sterling College, 1955.


    • 1 son, Rodney David. Cashier municipal bond department Small-Milburn Investment, Inc., Wichita, Kansas, 1956-1958. Manager municipal bond department Stockyards National Bank, Wichita, 1958-1964. Executive vice president, manager municipal bond department Mid-Continent Securities Corporation, Wichita, 1964-1968.

      Vice president, manager municipal bond department Columbian Securities Corporation, Wichita, 1968-1987. President, director Learned Investments, Inc., Wichita, since 1970. Board directors Southwest National Bank Wichita.

      Active Boy Scouts American, Young Men's Christian Association.


    Mason (Shriner), Moose (life). Clubs: Wichita Racquet, Wichita Shocker, Knife and Fork.


    • Married Jean Starbuck, June 13, 1954.
    • father: Wilmer Harrison Learned
    • mother: Vivian Edith (Hendershot) Learned
    • spouse: Jean Starbuck
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    Born September 14, 1933


    Alexandra Remova

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