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Judson Harmon

Judson Harmon was a Democratic politician from Ohio. He served as United States Attorney General under President Grover Cleveland and later served as the 45th Governor of Ohio.

Harmon County, Oklahoma, is named for him.


  • Judson Harmon was born February 3 1846 in Newton, Ohio.

  • Education

    • Judson Harmon entered Denison University at the age of sixteen and graduated four years later, after which he taught school and then studied law, receiving a degree from Cincinnati Law School in 1896.


    • Judson Harmon was appointed Attorney General by President Cleveland on June 8, 1895 upon the elevation of Richard Olney to become United States Secretary of State, serving out the remainder of Cleveland's term. As Attorney General, he issued the most explicit statement of what became known as the American doctrine of absolute sovereignty, that "the rules, principles and precedents of international law impose no liability or obligation upon the United States," in a case involving a claim by Mexico for damages from diverting the waters of the Rio Grande.

      Harmon was elected Governor of Ohio in 1908. He was re-elected in 1910, defeating future President of the United States Warren G. Harding. Harmon left office January 1913, upon completion of this second term.

      During Harmon


    Party affiliation: Democratic Party


    • mother: Julia (Bronson) Harmon
    Judson Harmon
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    Born February 3, 1846
    Died February 22, 1927
    (aged 81)
    • 1876
      judge, Superior Court
      Cincinnati, Iowa, United States
    • June 8, 1895
      Attorney General
    • 1908
      Governor of Ohio
      Ohio, United States


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