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Carolina Jolliff Pace

Carolina Jolliff Pace, American communications executive, investor.


  • Pace, Carolina Jolliff was born on April 12, 1938 in Dallas, Texas, United States. Daughter of Lindsay Gafford and Carolina (Juden) Jolliff.

  • Education

    • Student, Holton-Arms Junior College, 1956—1957. Bachelor in Comparative Literature, Southern Methodist University, 1960.


    • Promotional advisor, director season ticket sales Dallas Theatre Center, 1960—1961. Executive secretary Dallas Book and Author Luncheon, 1959—1963. Promotional and institutional consultant Henry Regnery-Reilly & Lee Public Company, Chicago, 1962—1965.

      Public trade representative various companies. Institutional representative Don R. Phillips Company, Southea. area, 1965—1967. Southwestern representative Ednl Reading Service, Inc.-Troll Associates, Mahwah, New Jersey, 1967—1972.

      Vice president, director multimedia division Melton Book Company, Dallas, 1972—1979. Vice president marketing Webster's International, Inc., Nashville, 1980—1982. President Carolina Pace, Inc., since 1982.

      Member advisory board National Information Center of Special Education Materials. Member materials review panel National Media Center for Materials of Severely-Profoundly Handicapped, 1981. Member marketing product review board LINC Resources, 1982, 83, 84, marketing task force, 83, advisory board, 87.

      Reviewer special education United States Department Education, 1975—1979, 1985. Review consultant Department of Health and Human Services, 1982, 83, 84, 86. Product review task force Council for Exceptional Children, 1984, 85, 86.

      Consultant Educational Cable Consortium, Summit, New Jersey, 1982—1987.


    • Producer educational videos. Contributor articles to professional journals.


    Denomination: Presbyterian


    Member advisory council Graduate Systems School Library and Information Science Foundation, University Texas, since 1987. Co-vice chair Friends Highland Park Library., 1989. Member focus group City Dallas Growth Policy Plan.

    Member art and design committee Downtown Centers. Active Dallas City Wide Parking Task Force, Central Transportation Forum Central Business District, Union Station Art & Design Committee, Downtown Transfer Centers, Art and Design Committee, West End Task Force, Central Business District Task Force, Texas Parking Association. Co-founder Operation TexRec, 1990—1991.

    Board directors Transportation Management Association, since 1995. Chair Vanpool Use Study, 1995. Budget chairman Dallas County Sesquicentennial committee, 1996.

    Member advisory board Friends of Old Red Courthouse, since 1997, Trinity River Economic Development Board, since 1998. Active Downtown Dallas: Vision 2020, 2001—2002. Member committee Trinity Commons Foundation, since 2002.

    Active Downtown Dallas Task Force, Central Business District, West End, Individual Site Task Force, Dallas. Member of Daughters of the American Revolution (Jane Douglas chapter), Smith Sound Associate, Royal Oak Society, Chicago Architecturum Society, Newport Professional Society, National Trust History Professional, Doctor Professional Society, Downtown St. Crn Design Committee, Transportation Study Board, Council Exceptional Children (conference speaker 1981, director exhibitors committee, chairman publication committee 1979 conference), Public Relations Society of America, Women in Communications, Association Special Education Technology (national director, vice president publicity 1980-1982), Association Educational and Communications Technology, International Communications Industries Association, National Audio Visual Association (conference panelist 1979), Downtown Dallas, West End Association Dallas (chairman subcommittee on traffic and parking 1986-1987, committee demographic study 1987-1988), Central Dallas Association (transportation committee since 1996, planning and greenspace committee 1998—2002), Dallas Plan (focus committee), Women's National Book Association, Dallas Founders, Friends of the West End (president 1988-1994), Downtown Transportation Management Association (advisory board, chairman vanpools subcommittee 1995-1999, economic development committee Trinity project 2000-2004, citizens advisory committee since 2003), Texas Parking Association, Dallas Southern Memorial, Dallas Museum Art, Dallas Zoological Society, Kimball Art Museum, Alpha Delta Pi.


    • Married John McIver Pace, Junior, October 7, 1961.
    • father: Lindsay Gafford Jolliff
    • mother: Carolina (Juden) Jolliff
    • spouse: John McIver Pace
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    Born April 12, 1938
    • 1960
      Southern Methodist University
    • 1959 - 1963
      executive, secretary Dallas Book and Author Luncheon
    • 1960 - 1961
      Promotional advisor, season ticket sales Dallas Theatre Center
    • 1960 - 1961
      director, season ticket sales Dallas Theatre Center
    • 1962 - 1965
      promotional and institutional consultant, Henry Regnery-Reilly & Lee Public Company
      Chicago, Illinois, United States
    • 1965 - 1967
      institutional representative Don R. Phillips Company
    • 1972 - 1979
      vice president, multimedia division Melton Book Company
      Dallas, Texas, United States
    • 1972 - 1979
      director, multimedia division Melton Book Company
      Dallas, Texas, United States
    • 1980 - 1982
      vice president, marketing Webster's International
      Nashville, Tennessee, United States
    • 1982
      president, Carolina Pace
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