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Lafon Carabo Dees

Lafon Carabo Dees, brokerage house executive. Trustee Charitable Trust. 1st lieutenant United States Army, 1959-1962. Member Buckhead Club.


  • Dees, Lafon Carabo was born on August 13, 1937 in Bennettsville, South Carolina, United States. Son of Willie Ray and Allie Lee Dees.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Business Administration, Wofford College, 1959.


    • Factory representative Armstrong World Indiana, 1962-1969. General sales manager Stewart Company, Dallas, 1969-1972. Factory representative Lane Company, Atlanta, 1982.

      Senior vice president investments Smith Barney, since 1983.


    All human life is created by God and therefore is significant and valuable. When governments implement the capital punishment, then the life of the convicted is devalued and all possibilities of change end.

    Party affiliation: Republican


    The faith should be based on the Bible, but also on reason, tradition, and personal experience.

    Denomination: Methodist


    People are called to love God not only with their hearts, but also with their minds. All things should be considered through the light of reason. In order to do that, it is necessary to become aware of different points of view and be able to develop critical thinking in relation to any political or social problem.


    Trustee Charitable Trust. 1st lieutenant United States Army, 1959-1962. Member Buckhead Club.



    Sports, reading, music, travel.


    • Married Winston Clark, June 15,, 1963. 1 child, Kimberly Dees Earle.
    • father: Willie Ray
    • mother: Allie Lee Dees
    • spouse: Winston Clark
    • child: Kimberly Dees Earle Dees
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    • 1959
      Wofford College
    • 1962 - 1969
      Factor, y representative Armstrong World Indiana
    • 1969 - 1972
      general sales manager, Stewart Company
      Dallas, Texas, United States
    • 1982
      factor, y representative Lane Company
      Atlanta, North-West, South Africa
    • 1983
      senior, vice president investments Smith Barney