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Jules Irwin Epstein

Jules Irwin Epstein, American insurance brokerage executive.


  • Epstein, Jules Irwin was born on December 18, 1930 in New York City. Son of Harry S. and Mary (Altschiller) Epstein.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Science, New York University, 1951. Chartered property and casualty underwriter President Joseph G. Gray and Company, New York City, 1955-1987. Senior vice president Frenkel and Company, Incorporated, New York York City, 1987-1994.

      Underwriting member Lloyds of London, 1985-1992.


    • Contributor articles on insurance, food to magazines, professional journals.


    Served with United States Army, 1951-1952. Member Culinary Institute American, Chartered property and casualty underwriter (president New York chapter 1975-1976), Wine and Food Society (president), National Society Chartered property and casualty underwriter (vice president 1979-1980), Explorers club, Confrerie des chevaliers du Tastevin, Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs (New York chapter president 1976-1981, vice president, since 1980). Club: Racquet of Old Westbury.



    Wine tasting; tennis. Scuba diving; amateur chef.


    • Married Joan Sydelle Gray, January 31, 1953. Children– Ronald M., Kenneth.
    • father: Harry S. Epstein
    • mother: Mary (Altschiller) Epstein
    • spouse: Joan Sydelle Gray
    • children: Ronald M. Epstein
    • Kenneth Epstein
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    Born December 18, 1930


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      • Contributor articles on insurance, food to magazines, professional journals.
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