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David Korn

David Korn, Polish, American investment company executive. Recipient Key to City Norfolk.


  • Korn, David was born on April 27, 1934 in Kolbuszowa, Poland. Came to the United States, 1950, naturalized, 1954. Son of Joseph and Sunia (Neiss) Korn.

  • Education

    • Student, Brooklyn College, 1956. Bachelor of Science, Georgetown University, 1958. Master of Science, Georgetown University, 1960.

      Doctor of Philosophy (National Defense Education Act fellow), Georgetown University, 1964.


    • Assistant professor, director language laboratories College William and Mary, Norfolk, Virginia, 1959-1961. Research associate Machine Translation Computer, Georgetown University, Washington, 1956-1962. Chairman humanities division Howard University, 1962-1986, professor, chairman department German-Russian, 1967-1978, on leave department German-Russian, 1981-1986.

      Retired, 1986; president, chief executive officer Park Construction Corporation, from 1985, K&S Investments, Inc., from 1985. Private investor

      Senior consultant for Russia, Poland and Slovakia, United States Agency for International Development, 1997. President, chief executive officer Wade Construction Corporation.

      Lecturer Foreign Service Institute, Department State. Consultant on Russian textbooks United States Armed Forces Institute. Associate director Council on International Student Educational Exchange in Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, 1968.

      Senior consultant Office Assistant Secretary for Education, Department Health, Education and Welfare, since 1973. Special assistant to Secretary of State Alexander M. Haig, Junior, in charge of Eastern Europe, Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, and special interest groups, Washington, since 1981. Coordinator external programs Department of State, 1982-1983.

      Member national coordinating committee Fund for America's Future, 1986. Senior consultant United States Agency International Development Eastern Europe, 1997.


    • Author various machine translations in field. Contributor articles and book reviews to professional journals.


    Executive committee Jewish Community Council Greater Washington, 1972-1974. Also chairman Soviet Jewry Committee. National coordinator Polish Americans Reagan-Bush campaign, 1984.

    Member issue committee George Bush for President, 1987-1988. Board directors Jewish Social Service Agency Served to 1st lieutenant Military Police Intelligence United States Army, 1953-1955. Member Modern Language Association, Linguistic Society of America, American Association Teachers Slavic and East European Languages (chapter president), Georgetown University Alumni Organization (governor, member executive committee, vice president for School Languages and Linguistics), B'nai B'rith.


    • Married Maria Orgel, June 25, 1961. Children– Joseph Mark, Monique Diane.
    • father: Joseph Korn
    • mother: Sunia (Neiss) Korn
    • spouse: Maria Orgel
    • children: Joseph Mark Korn
    • Monique Diane Korn
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    Born April 27, 1934
    Died July 30, 1999
    (aged 65)
    • 1956
      Brooklyn College
    • 1958
      Georgetown University
    • 1960
      Georgetown University
    • 1964
      Georgetown University
    • 1956 - 1962
      research associate, Machine Translation Computer
      Washington, United States
    • 1959 - 1961
      Assistant, language laboratories College William and Mary
      Norfolk, United Kingdom
    • 1959 - 1961
      director, language laboratories College William and Mary
      Norfolk, United Kingdom
    • 1981 - 1986
      chairman, humanities division Howard University
    • 1986
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