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Thomas Hedge


  • He died in Burlington on November 28, 1920. He was interred in Aspen Grove Cemetery.

  • Education

    • Hedge attended the common schools and Denmark (Iowa) Academy.

      He graduated from Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, in 1861, but his education was interrupted by the Civil War.


    • He was admitted to the bar in New York in 1869, and returned to Iowa to practice law in Burlington.

      For twenty years, he practiced in a partnership with Iowa Republican politician J.W. Blythe, with the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad as one of the firm's clients.

      Hedge served in the Fifty-sixth and to the three succeeding Congresses. In 1906 he did not seek re-nomination. In all, he served in Congress from March 4, 1899 to March 3, 1907.

      After leaving Congress, he resumed the practice of law.



    Party affiliation: Republican Party


    • Skull and Bones , United States


    • father: Thomas
    • mother: Eliza
    • Wife: Mary Cook
    Thomas Hedge
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    Born June 24, 1844
    Died November 28, 1920
    (aged 76)
    • November 30, 1861
      Phillips Academy
    • November 30, 1867
      Yale College
    • November 30, 1869
      Columbia College
    • 1864 - 1865
      private lieutenant, Company E of the 106th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
    • 1864 - 1865
      second lieutenant, Company G of the 106th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
    • 1898 - 1899
      Republican, the United States House seat for Iowa's 1st congressional district
    • March 4, 1899 - March 3, 1907
      United States


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