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David Bremner Henderson

Emigrating to America as a child, he grew up on a farm in Iowa and left college to serve as a private in the Union Army. A leg amputation ended his military career in 1863 and he became a lawyer in Dubuque, Iowa ( 1866-82 ). A Republican congressman ( 1883-1903 ), he served as Speaker of the House for two terms ( 1899-1903 ); fought for veterans' benefits and supported protective tariffs. . .


  • U.S. representative; born in Old Deer, Scotland.

  • Education

    • Upper Iowa University.


    • Public schools and academic education. Assistant United States atty.

    Major achievements

    • He was elected and commissioned first lieutenant of that company. In the Battle of Fort Donelson


    Henderson was elected to succeed Reed as Speaker following Reed's resignation from the post in 1899. Republicans were in control in the House, a majority of members of the House Republican Caucus were from what was then considered "the West," and Henderson was the only serious candidate for Speaker among western members

    Party affiliation: Republican


    Member Congress, 1883-1903. Member Committee on Appropriations. Member Committee on Rules, 54th and 55th Congresses.


    • Married Augusta A. Fox, March 4, 1866.
    • spouse: Augusta A. Fox
    David Henderson
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    Born March 14, 1840
    Died February 25, 1906
    (aged 65)


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      • He was elected and commissioned first lieutenant of that company. In the Battle of Fort Donelson
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