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Herberta Grissom Moore

Herberta Grissom Moore, small food business executive. Member Beta Sigma Phi.


  • Moore, Herberta Grissom was born on August 30, 1944 in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States. Daughter of Herbert Gist and Grace (Gass) Grissom.

  • Education

    • Associate of Arts, Nashville, 1994.


    • Office manager, vice president Mistress Grissom's Salads, Inc., Nashville, since 1964.


    A member of a Christian Church should support all social initiatives having a purpose to maintain and strengthen well-being and progress of the whole community and its members.


    Salvation requires work. It can only be accomplished through effort, and this is what the Gospel is all about.

    Denomination: Methodist


    The sense of being connected is how the Church as a whole should be structured. At its heart is an understanding of the Christian community as the 'body of Christ '.


    Member Beta Sigma Phi.


    • Married Farris F. Moore Junior, September 17, 1976.
    • father: Herbert Gist Grissom
    • mother: Grace (Gass) Grissom
    • spouse: Farris F. Moore Junior
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    Born August 30, 1944
    (age 73)
    • 1994
    • 1964
      Office manager, Mrs. Grissom's Salads
      Nashville, Tennessee, United States
    • 1964
      vice president, Mrs. Grissom's Salads
      Nashville, Tennessee, United States