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Norman Cousins

Norman Cousins, American author, lecturer.


  • Cousins, Norman was born on June 24, 1915 in Union Hill, New Jersey, United States. Son of Samuel and Sara (Miller) Cousins.

  • Education

    • Doctor of Letters (honorary), American University, 1948. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Denison University, 1954. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Syracuse University, 1956.

      Doctor of Letters (honorary), Newark State College, 1958. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Michigan State University, University North Carolina, 1969. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Albion College, 1972.

      Doctor of Letters (honorary), Incarnate Word College, 1980. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Boston University, 1951. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Elmira College, 1951.

      Doctor of Letters (honorary), Chapman College, 1953. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Colby College, 1953. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Ripon College, Wilmington College, 1957.

      Doctor of Letters (honorary), Rhode Island College Education, 1958. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Western Michigan University, 1960. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Temple University, 1961.

      Doctor of Letters (honorary), Maryville College, Southeastern Massachusetts University, 1976. HHD (honorary), Albright College, 1955. HHD (honorary), Manchester College, 1966.

      HHD (honorary), Lafayette College, 1967. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), University Vermont, 1957. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Colgate University, 1959.

      Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Adelphi College, 1960. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), University Rhode Island, 1965. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Creighton University, 1967.

      Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Chapman College, 1968. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Brandeis University, 1969. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Denver University, 1972.

      Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), University Alabama, University Arizona, 1973. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), St. Olaf College, Minnesota, 1976. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), University Colorado, Kalamazoo College, 1980.

      Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Occidental College, Hebrew Union College, Texas Christian University, 1982. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), University Santa Clara, 1984. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Massachusetts School Professional Psychology, 1988.

      Doctor of Laws (honorary), Washington & Jefferson University, 1956. Doctor of Laws (honorary), University Bridgeport, 1965. Doctor of Laws (honorary), Aquinas College, 1969.

      Doctor of Laws (honorary), George Washington University, 1982. Doctor Social Science (honorary), Duquesne University, 1972. Doctor Creative Science (honorary), Butler University, 1978.

      Doctor of Medicine (honorary), New Haven County Medical Association/Connecticut State Medical Society, 1984.


    • Literature editor, managing editor Current History magazine, 1935-1940. Editor Saturday Review, 1940-1971, 73-77, chairman board editors, 1978, editor emeritus, 1980-1982. Adjunct professor School Medicine, University of California at Los Angeles., 1978-1990.

      Chairman board directors National Educational television, 1969-1970. Chairman National Programming Council for Public television, 1970-1971. Editor United States of America.

      Member editorial board Overseas bureau O.W.I., World World War II. United States Government lecturer (Smith Mundt) in, India, Pakistan, Ceylon, 1951, Japan-American Exchange lecturer, Japan, 1953. Chairman Connecticut Fact Finding Commission on Education, 1948-1952.

      Co-chairman Citizens' Committee for Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Member Commission to Study Organization Peace. Honorary president United World Federalists.

      Chairman Committee Culture and Intellectual Exchange, International Cooperation Year, 1965, Mayor's Task Force Air Pollution, New York City, from 1966.


    • In Place of Folly
    • Norman Cousins is one of the world's most articulate spokesmen for the point of view that the security and freedom of all men - including the American people - depend upon the control of force rather than upon the pursuit of force.
    • Anatomy of an Illness
    • This is the best-selling story of recovery from a crippling and supposedly irreversible disease, of a partnership between physician and patient who team to beat back the odds.


    Member Hiroshima Peace Center Associates. Trustee Charles F. Kettering Foundation, Menninger Foundation, Ruth Mott Foundation. Member World Association World Federalists (president), P.E.N., United Nations Association (director United States), Council Foreign Relations, National Academy of Sciences (commission on international relations) Clubs: Coffee House, National Press, Overseas Press, Century Assn, Pilgrims American.


    • Married Ellen Kopf, June 23, 1939. Children: Andrea, Amy Loveman, Candis Hitzig, Sara Kit.
    Norman Cousins
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    Died November 30, 1990
    (aged 75)
    • 1948
      American University
    • 1954
      Denison University
    • 1956
      Syracuse University
    • 1958
      Newark State College
    • 1969
      Michigan State University
    • 1972
      Albion College
    • 1980
      Incarnate Word College
    • 1951
      Boston University
    • 1951
      Elmira College
    • 1953
      Chapman College
    • 1953
      Colby College
    • 1957
      Ripon College
    • 1958
      Rhode Island College Education
    • 1960
      Western Michigan University
    • 1961
      Temple University
    • 1976
      Maryville College
    • 1955
      Albright College
    • 1966
      Manchester College
    • 1967
      Lafayette College
    • 1957
      University Vermont
    • 1959
      Colgate University
    • 1960
      Adelphi College
    • 1965
      University Rhode Island
    • 1967
      Creighton University
    • 1968
      Chapman College
    • 1969
      Brandeis University
    • 1972
      Denver University
    • 1973
      University Alabama
    • 1976
      St. Olaf College
    • 1980
      University Colorado
    • 1982
      Occidental College
    • 1984
      University Santa Clara
    • 1988
      Massachusetts School Professional Psychology
    • 1956
      Washington & Jefferson University
    • 1965
      University Bridgeport
    • 1969
      Aquinas College
    • 1982
      George Washington University
    • 1972
      Duquesne University
    • 1978
      Butler University
    • 1984
      New Haven County Medical Association/Connecticut State Medical Society
    • 1935 - 1940
      Literature editor
    • 1980 - 1982
      editor Saturday Review
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