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Gregg K. Jann (Presidents' Sir "August Tip")

Gregg Jann, American counselor, sales executive, consultant. Achievements include design of California's 63 Mental Health Services Act; design of face value selling as original contribution to bus. service; creation of lost patents of wordsmith representations on internet and in medicine; patents for trademarks for jann demystifying affects and jannda. Recipient Redwood award, Sonoma County Office Education, 1999. Author three books published.


  • Jann, Gregg was born on August 10, 1962 in Lexington, Nebraska. Son of Donn Gerard and Alice Hartwell Jann;

  • Education

    • AS in Computer Science, Santa Rosa Junior College, California, 1982; Bachelor of Science in Management Science, California State University, Chico, 1986; Bachelor in Business Economics, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California, 1994.


    • Senior assistant manager F.W. Woolworth Company, San Francisco, 1988—1991; coordinator, counselor Community Support Network, Santa Rosa, since 1999; counselor Buckelew Programs, 2004—2005; customer service manager Schwans Home Service, 2005—2006; owner, consultant Jann Demystifying Affects, since 2005; Chair Sonoma County Mental Health Board, 1994—1998; liaison California Network Mental Health Clients, Sacramento, 1999—2002; fellow Leadership Institute Ecology & Economy, 2001; Author: Bettering the World, 2009; Author: Teach Peace and Creative Accountability, 2013; Author: A Jann Plan: Creative Origins Advocacy/Teach Peace and Creative Accountability, 2014; Author: Van Goghing Gregg: Recovery Toward Love, 2017

    Major achievements

    • design of California's 63 Mental Health Services Act
    • design of face value selling as original contribution to business service
    • creation of lost patents of wordsmith representations on internet and in medicine
    • patents for trademarks for jann demystifying affects and jannda;

      AIDS name and acronym First and Originally;

      and "http://"...www. on drawing at Chico State, Presidential Speaker Speech maker Soundbite Specialist and policy wonk - claims published in non-fiction book A Jann Plan by Gregg K. Jann
    • design of New credits for movies with original brief descriptions and song "larking" parts and starts of music performed are patents pending in field, along with businesses founding even Legislation


    Party affiliation: Democratic Party


    Protestant: Methodist Church member since 1992, currrently men's bible study where my late Reverend Father served - my dad's former Presbyterian Church


    I feel like I won a lot of progressive history sweeps of the era since the 1960s. I was second to none in Mental Health accomplishments in consumers with labor rights, the Mental Health Services Act design, and continued work in teaching and trying for credit for un-Pirating the more dependent if you know this about them. My non-partisan elected official on the school board taught Character Education for Teach Peace and social skills for soft skills of our students to spread over time anti-bullying and cooperation and peace. My Reconciling Methodist church membership supports and pledges gay and lesbian rights of most any kinds as people we need to understand and welcome, and my school set of teachings needs to go beyond vocational advantage to be inclusive and be a leaders socially in acceptance of both I am and those I am not- on going work for our children who are young. Reconciling Congregations need my school board's Character Ed to accept soft skills to teach acceptance and understanding.

    If I was Reagan speech maker, I spoke the Real Ronnie's heart as a Democrat surrounded in business school by Reps. I was a hero already at 21 years old, and was first in stating the name of AIDS and you can read my non-fiction accounts of the TS of the ugly Marin County religious cult era in the 1970s I contended with as a young teenager who was innocent.


    • National Organization for Women (associate; invited candidate for candidates night)

    • Sierra Club (associate)



    Rock audiophile, movies


    • father: Donn
    • mother: Alice
    Gregg Jann
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    Born August 10, 1962
    (age 55)
    • 1982
      Santa Rosa Junior College
    • 1986
      California State University, Chico
    • 1994
      Sonoma State University
    • 1986 - 1987
      Sonoma State University Extended Education
      Rohnert Park, California, United States
    • 1988 - 1991
      Senior Assistant Manager, F.W. Woolworth Company
      San Francisco, California, United States
    • 1999 - 2010
      coordinator, Community Support Network
      Santa Rosa, CA
    • 1999 - 2010
      counselor, Community Support Network
      Santa Rosa, CA
    • 2004 - 2005
      counselor, Buckelew Programs
    • 2005 - 2007
      customer service manager, Schwans Home Service
    • February, 2005 - present
      consultant, writer, coach, owner, Jann Demystifying Affects
      Santa Rosa, CA
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