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Jozsef Breznay

Jozsef Breznay, Hungarian painter. Member Hungarian Federation Fine Arts, since 1962, secretary painter's section, 1965—1968, 1973—1977; member Salon Independants, Paris, since 1958.


  • Breznay, Jozsef was born on September 20, 1916 in Budapest, Hungary. Son of Laszlo and Terezia (Lorincz) Breznay.

  • Education

    • Student, Academy Fine Arts, Budapest, 1934—1939.


    • One-man shows include, since 1946, Tamara Pfeiffer, Brussels, 1971, Mucsarnok, Budapest, 1972, Gallery del Libro, Parma, Italy, 1973, Gallery L'Ascendente, Milan, 1974, Gallery Al Crocicchio, Bologna, Italy, 1975, Stadtische Galerie, Wurzburg, Germany, 1975, Gallery Van Eyck, Gand, Belgium, 1975, Gallery Antelami, Parma, 1975-1976, Gallery II Mercante, Milan, 1976, Kunstkabinett Grafing, Germany, 1977, Gallery Mariani, Ravenna, Italy, 1977, Club Amici Dell Arte, Ferrara, Italy, 1977, exhibited in group shows, since 1940, Offizielle Ungarische Ausstellung, Berlin, 1975, Madrid, 1976, Grand Prix International, Monte Carlo, 1977, retrospective Mucsarnok Budapest, 1982, Gallery S. Andrea, Parma, Italy, 1983, Museum Humor and Satire, Gabroro, Bulgaria, 1983, 14th Salon de Peinture de Bourbonne-les-Bains, France, 1989 (gold medal).


    Denomination: Roman Catholic


    Member Hungarian Federation Fine Arts, since 1962, secretary painter's section, 1965—1968, 1973—1977. Member Salon Independants, Paris, since 1958.


    • Married Eva Molnar Breznay. Children: Livia, Jozsef. Married Maria Ganoczy Breznay, January 21, 1954.

      Children: Klara, Gabor, Maria, Sandor, Pal, Andras, Marta.
    • father: Laszlo Breznay
    • mother: Terezia (Lorincz) Breznay
    • spouses: Eva Molnar Breznay
    • Maria Ganoczy Breznay
    • children: Livia Breznay
    • Jozsef Breznay
    • Klara Breznay
    • Gabor Breznay
    • Maria Breznay
    • Sandor Breznay
    • Pal Breznay
    • Andras Breznay
    • Marta Breznay
    Jozsef Breznay
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    Born September 20, 1916