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Craig Mollhow McGahey

Craig Mollhow McGahey, American real estate developer. Member Foundation for Architecture.; Club: Philadelphia Canoe.


  • McGahey, Craig Mollhow was born on October 18, 1953 in Buffalo. Son of K. Grant and Ruth Kinsley (Mollnow) McGahey.

  • Education

    • Student Technische Universitaet of West Berlin, Germany, 1975-1976. Student Fund scholar, Berlin, West Germany, 1975-1976.


    • Registered professional engineer, Texas technician Western Electric, Atlanta, 1972-1975. Design engineer Caudill Rowlett Scott, Houston, 1977-1980. Project engineer Kling Partnership, Philadelphia, 1980-1981.

      Facility planner Sherrill Associates, Philadelphia, 1981-1984, real estate developer Rouse & Associates, Philadelphia, since 1984. Assistant to managing director Greater Philadelphia Partnership, 1982. Assistant project director International City Project, Philadelphia, 1982-1984, assistant to state press secretary Carter/Mondale Presidential campaign, Philadelphia, 1980.

      World Student Fund scholar, Berlin, West Germany, 1975-1976.


    Party affiliation: Democrat


    Member Foundation for Architecture. Club: Philadelphia Canoe.



    Hosting dinner parties. White water kayaking. Competitive swimming.

    German language and culture.


    • father: K. Grant McGahey
    • mother: Ruth Kinsley (Mollnow) McGahey
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    Born October 18, 1953
    (age 64)


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