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Ralph Bruce Leopold

Ralph Bruce Leopold, American real estate company executive. Recipient Latter and Blum Kingpin award.


  • Leopold, Ralph Bruce was born on September 16, 1953 in New Orleans. Son of Ivan Ralph and Cecile (Rosenthal) L. Bachelor of Science, Louisiana State University, 1975.

  • Education

    • Graduate Tulane University, 1979-1980.


    • Board directors Skyway Travel Inc., PBR, Inc., LEPCO, Inc., Medical Depot, Inc., 1st Atlantic, Inc. Member Jewish Children's Service. Editor: Port-O-Letter, 1981-1984.


    Member Jewish Children's Service. Member advisory committee World's Fair. Member International Franchise Association, Portable Sanitation Association, Associated General Contractors, Florida Chamber of C., Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, Committee 100, Southside Businessmen's Association, International Trade Committee, New Orleans Board of Realtors, New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, Westbank Business Council, University New Orleans Alumni Association.

    Clubs: University (Jacksonville).


    • father: Ivan Ralph Bachelor of Science
    • mother: Cecile (Rosenthal) L. Bachelor of Science
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    Born September 16, 1953
    (age 64)


    Alexandra Remova

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      • Editor: Port-O-Letter, 1981-1984.
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      • Cecile (Rosenthal) L. Bachelor of Science
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      • Ivan Ralph Bachelor of Science
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